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  1. Waves Andy Lumpp
  2. Seven Kinds Of Jewels (Cha-Cha For A Jiyu) John Thomas & Lifeforce
  3. Midnight in Tokyo John Thomas
  4. Dancing With a Beautiful Lady Andy Lumpp
  5. Wiener Gerd Andy Lumpp
  6. Summer Morning Andy Lumpp
  7. To Walk Back Home Andy Lumpp
  8. Chet Andy Lumpp Trio & Andy Przybielski
  9. Action Andy Lumpp Trio & Andy Przybielski
  10. Amouren Andy Lumpp, Heinrich Chastca, Stefan Hoelker
  11. für Anni Andy Lumpp 9:25
  12. Departure Andy Lumpp, Adelhard Roidinger 8:44


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