A pianist of the highest international rank.

Leverkusener Jazztage

The importance to the European jazz scene over the decades of this originally innovative pianist is evident.


It was not until 1975 that Keith Jarrett’s Cologne Concert successfully showcased the power of solo piano for the wider public. Seven years later, the 25-year-old Andy Lumpp has come up with a solo album showing great evergreen potential: his own very personal musical statement.


Comparisons with all possible contemporary pianists may be drawn, but they do not really apply.


A masterpiece in the firmament of jazz.


Masterful artistry.

Rheinische Post

Just like Keith Jarrett and Bill Evans, the master embodies the classical approach.

Kölner Stadtanzeiger

Andy Lumpp generates unique tension and intensity to a degree seldom encountered in improvised music.


European improvisation, something which this artist has had no little role in helping to shape.

HiFi Stereo

His solid artistic development has been key to the success he has relatively quickly obtained.

RoRo Jazz-Lexikon

Has pioneered a modern approach to playing across Europe.

Deutsche Welle

Must be counted among the eminently creative artists on the European jazz scene.

Belgischer Rundfunk

Lumpp`s often praised style is lucid, with a classically trained touch incorporating all imaginable dynamic nuances, and featuring an occasionally astounding harmonic range: every note delivers an acoustic experience.

Piano News

An originally fascinating sound cosmos.


THE contemporary sound of the 21st century.


Music at its heights and most magical moments.