Born 1957in Dormagen, Germany
1964Started piano lessons
1966 – 1974Played acoustic and electric guitar
1974Restarted with piano
1975 – 1978Studied piano at the City of Cologne Conservatorium under Wolfgang Hoyer, Studied with Richie Beirach, Kölner Jazz Trio with Rainer Linke and Frank Köllges
1976 – 1981Member of the group Riot 
1979 – 1981Riot with Kenny Wheeler
1979 – 1982John Thomas Lifeforce
1983 – 1992Member of Monika Linges Quartet, Jazzpool NRW, Lumpp-Read-Küttner
1991Kenny Wheeler Group, Out of Darkness featuring Jon Christensen
1993-1995Time travelling with Markus Stockhausen and Jaki Liebezeit
1996 – 2014Andy Lumpp Trio featuring guests Andy Przybielski and Joanna Charchan
2009 – 2019Projects with Adelhard Roidinger